001. ¹UNIX® is a registered trademark of AT&T.

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'¹UNIX® is a registered trademark of AT&T.' sharp, antiquated white font on black background

= 5 USD 

Dimensions: The sticker, with the center removed to '¹UNIX® is of AT&T.', with construction lines specifying the dimensions: 143.5 by 3.5 text, plus 3 padding on each side, for a total dimension of 149.5 by 9.5 9.5×149.5 by way of 3.5×143.5 of text + 3 of padding each side.

Sticker paper and foil equally mat. The foil's heavier, and I assume holds up better to the elements? I got both for elucidation's sake as both are offered by my print shop, but I can neither see nor feel a difference between them, so.

As deployed on a small laptop: A small black anodised aluminium laptop on a dark wood floor in direct hard summer sun. The edges of the sticker meld into the texture of the chassis in the highlight, and are lost in the shadow Same laptop, but on a light wood floor, a window very softly reflects on the chassis, which has a OneMix logo stickered over with a neon orange BONELESS sticker, and a ¹UNIX® is a registered trademark of AT&T. sticker in the bottom left, crooked, near the hinge

As deployed by a cat on a normal-sized laptop, a user testimonial:

As deployed on an american-style laptop, an @atax1a testimonial: A MacBook top lid, at the bottom the UNIX sticker

As deployed on a business laptop, a shroom girl testimonial: A ThinkPad X1 top lid covered in various mushroom-related stickers and one very cursed long furby one, at the top the UNIX sticker

As deployed by a sheep on two transatlantic laptops, a user testimonial:

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